yonyou construction solution fulfill the last mile requirements of capital intensive construction companies.


yonyou manufacturing solution allows manufacturers to streamline their production operation and improve efficiency.


yonyou Mobile Solution allows different levels of decision makers to create their own reports according to their specific requirements.

We Provide the

yonyou specialist in the research, development and provision of ERP software solutions for companies of different scales and industries.


yonyou NC6 offers multi-mode financial control solutions...

Supply Chain

yonyou SCM helps you to manage documents of all kinds of contracts...

Human Capital

Workforce planning is the foundation of your future HR...

Construction Resource Planning

Most of the generic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software...


In accordance with the MRPII principle, production management can...

Office Automation

Office automation, Cloud yonyou, iUAP, yonyou U8, Business Intelligence, ...


Most of the generic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is not designed...

Cloud yonyou

In accordance with the MRPII principle, production management can...

yonyou U8

Office automation, Cloud yonyou, iUAP, yonyou U8, Business Intelligence,...

Business Intelligence

In accordance with the MRPII principle, production management can...


yonyou is recognized as a leading enterprise management software, solutions and cloud service provider in the Asia Pacific region. With 20, 000+ employees, yonyou group now operates over 170 subsidiaries and branches globally and enjoy a strong presence in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Europe.

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The mission of yonyou is to promote business and social development with innovation and technology. Keeping the pace with the times and accurately grasping the demand in the area of digital economy. yonyou empower enterprises to make digital transformation in the management of Digital Marketing, Smart Manufacturing, Finance, Human Resource and Office Collaboration.

News and Updates

Yonyou Bank-Enterprise Direct Link system

On October 29, yonyou Bank-Enterprise Direct Link was officially launched! It was a joints...

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Global Business Services Conference 2019


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User Sharing Session: Yonyou Construction Resource Planning

The construction industry as one of the key drivers of the nation’s economic development...

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Yonyou’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

On October 27th, yonyou celebrated the 30 years old at the National Olympic Sports Center in Beijing...

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2018 August, Serving Digitalization for Enterprises

On August 18th, the 2018 Global User Conference with the theme of “Serving the Digital Transformation...

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2016 yonyou Client Appreciation Dinner @ Village Hotel Bugis

Yonyou held its appreciation dinner on 11 Nov 2015 at Village Hotel Bugis, to express yonyou’s sincere...

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2016企业互联网化转型论坛引爆狮城 用友携手新加坡企发局推动新加坡企业互联网转型 3月14日,...

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Build Ecosystem for better Enterprise Internet Services

The global Internet is expanding from consumer based to enterprise based. Internet Application...

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