Business Intelligence (BI)

Utilize Data to make Smart Business Decision

yonyou Business Intelligence a unified solution to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data into an integrated management process for clients to make smart business decisions.

Touch Enterprise operations

Enterprise business data, data self-governance, and in-depth real-time insights

Simplify enterprise architecture

Easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to manage

Data drives the future

Visualize analytical results, predict new opportunities, and formulate new strategies

Core Service

Data acquisition

Support direct connection to the database and upload client for data transmission and supports both structured and unstructured data

Data cleaning

The entire system and local data, transform and load the data and create corresponding data sets based on business logic

Visual analysis

Support storyboards and combined reports, drag and drop to get data analysis results, support diagrams and complex reports

Data mining

Build in multiple data mining algorithm to facilitate users to discover hidden value in data

Data reporting

Supplement analysis data, support user-defined forms and approval flows; fill in and use for easy analysis

Social tool intergration

Support integration with enterprise service numbers, one report development, meeting multiple viewing requirements

Right management

Control the user’s visible range of report content and data

Preset content

Combined with NC financial module, preset analysis model and analysis, “one-click deployment” after installation, support editing

Financial Analysis

Bring next-generation analytics to finance professionals so you can find the answers to important, difficult-to-choose questions yourself.

Guided analysis and visualization can show companies patterns and trends that are not seen when comparing spreadsheets, automated analysis can identify possible factors that cause revenue decline, risk reduction and other financial results and insights can be used to create personalized meters market, using info graphics to understand the future financial information of the company.

Marketing Analysis

Can automatically generate and recommend visual data analysis results to help companies quickly discover customer purchase and other behavioral trends, explore new business opportunities brought by market activities, automatically identify those factors that can effect market feedback or product selection.

Helping business determine their direction of action, drag-and-drop graphics and data work spaces help bring data together, tell stories convincingly and help business attract and retain more customers.

Human Resource Analysis

Discover key insights about past, present and potential employees-guided analysis and visualization can show companies patterns and trends in pay and downsizing.

Automated analysis can identify possible factors that lead to good performance, satisfaction, etc. You can use insights that are critical to your business to create dashboards and use info graphics to understand employee information.

Agile intelligent analysis

Drag and configure to quickly implement data organization and data analysis graphic 'proactively tells' users about anomalies in business

Fusion data platform

Integrated internal and external data of the enterprise and integrated the mining algorithms commonly used by the enterprise to meet the increasing market competition needs.

Close to the business of the enterprise

The combination of 'exploration' to analyze and discover the business value hidden in the data, which is closer to the needs of the enterprise.

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