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IUAP focuses on PaaS, support SaaS and adapts to a variety of laaS. Following the open, open source and ecological development principles, it provides enterprises with various platforms such as Internet development, testing, construction, release, deployment, cloud operation and maintenance, cloud operations and cloud integration technical capabilities to support enterprises to build high-concurrency, high-performance, high-availability and secure C2B, 020, B2B or B2B2C enterprise internet applications or services.

An open platform that supports enterprises internetization  based on Internet development technology and Internet architecture can help enterprises accelerate the pace of product or service innovation, quickly adapt to changes in the business environment and enhance their competitiveness in the internet era.

iUAP Mobile platform

The mobile platform is a mobile comprehensive capability platform covering all stages of development, integration, deployment and implementation and operation and maintenance management.

It is a unified platform supporting different types of general purpose applications or industry applications such as B2E (corporate employees), B2C (public customers) and B2P (partners).

The iUAP mobile platform reduces the difficulty of mobile application development, improves development efficiency through platform-based technology, realizes mobile application distribution management, provides the ability to integrated multiple business systems and provides comprehensive security mechanisms and IT

PaaS platform

The PaaS platform is a fully-operated public cloud service provided by yonyou. Its provides a set of key services and capabilities required for enterprise-level Saas application, covering the entire life-cycle management of SaaS application from development to operation and supports enterprise or SaaS service providers in the mobile Internet Enterprise application innovation of the times.

The luap PaaS platform is supported by internet-based basic services and middleware services and consists of seven types of public cloud services including integration, mobile, social, data analysis, application support, operations and operation and maintenance.

Yonyou iUAP Framework

Focusing on digital management, digital operation and digital commerce, helping large enterprises realize the comprehensive digitalization of people, finances, goods and customers. Drive business innovation and management change and refine heights with corporate managers.

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