The essence of the project manufacturing program is “to help project manufacturing enterprises accomplish activities including design, purchase, production and delivery, deploying the idea of project management”.

Uusally this is applied within the machinery industry, power control equipment, bridge machinery, shipbuilding companies, heavy construction machinery, power equipment, production lines, satellite receiving equipment, new radar equipment, heavy transportation vehicles and their supplementary equipment.

Core Function

Multiple forms for generating and displaying BOMs

Automatically generates MPS

Three levels of capacity program: RRP, RCCP and CRP capacity management

Support standard/non-standard (rework/dismantlement/new products etc.)

Product order management and provides simulated analysis of material shortage

Various user-defined processing routes, supports back flush material requisitioning

Sub-Segments Solution

Machinery / Shipbuilding

Machinery solution focusse on agile manufacturing and precise planning. It supports various modes such as manufacturing by order, assembling by order and large volume customized manufacturing.

Life Science

Life science solution focus on GMP quality management, in-depth sales & marketing management and precise cost management to help pharmaceutical companies achieve agile internal management and collaborative external supply chain control through aligning upstream suppliers, downstream resellers and end-users.

Precise Engineering Electronics

Electronics solution focuses on the collaboration and management along the operation process from procurement to cost control. It achieves the real-time information sharing among the players in the supply chain, eliminating of demand fluctuation, reducing cost and accurate order fulfillment.


Chemical solution fulfills the fundamental requirements in the industry including bulk procurement, quality-based price calculation, barcode management, manufacturing data monitor, asset management, quality management and cost management. It aims to enchance company’s ability to adjust itself to the fast changing market and to maintain the high safety-level manufacturing.

F & B

F&B solution covers total management of food safety, supply chain, manufacturing cost, distribution, budgeting and collaboration. It is suitable for the special features of F&B industry such as flexible planning, precise cost control and various marketing methods, enabling the enterprises to grow stronger and bigger.

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