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Managing everything at your fingertips

With the development trend of the digital economy in the future, more and more traditional enterprises have realized that they must realize industrial upgrading through the internet and emerging technologies, and A (artificial intelligence), B (big data), and C (cloud computing). Several major trends represented by T (Internet of Things) are the four important components in the digital transformation process of enterprises. Let yonyou Mobile Application reshape your work routine into a simple yet effective way of working.

Core Function


yonyou Mobile messaging tools connects various business operations including ERP, CRM, PLM and etc. It allows employees to directly interact on a specific operation flow, including receiving message, discussing over one topic and even making approval through the messaging tool.


Designed for decision maker, yonyou mobile applications provides real-time monitoring and analysis of business operations, alert notification which is pushed to your devices, and vivid charts and graphics that can be commented and sent through emails and messages.


Access to your business operation at any time, anywhere, yonyou mobile application allows you make approval at real time, greatly enchancing the operation efficiency.


yonyou Mobile Solution allows different levels of decision makers to create their own reports according to their specific requirements. Moreover, the robust mobile application platform enables enterprises to customize its own report templates to bring business insights to decision makers.


yonyou Mobile Sales aims to assist in sales’ daily business, including daily client visit, onsite communication, visit record, visit schedule and etc. It empowers salespersons to manage sales operations at finger print.


yonyou Mobile Order application serves as a convenient tool for sales to manage order related operations, ranging from placing orders to returning orders. It also provided various of user-friendly functions such as barcode scanning, tracking and printing.

Outlet Visit

yonyou Mobile Outlet Visit application is designed for manufacturing and retail industries. It not only helps managers to design the visiting routines and visiting check lists but also improves the operation efficiency by having a better control over the employees’ performance.

Service Management

yonyou Mobiles Service Management application facilitates the daily operation of service providing engineers/staffs, allowing them to receive service orders in time, submit material requisition orders at anywhere, record onsite services procedures and feedback from clients and etc.

Attendance & Leave

yonyou E-Attendance & E-Leave application allows remote employees to check in, take leaves and query on the time sheet on the mobile devices.


yonyou E-Reimbursement application supports voucher key in, approval, expenses application and etc.


Enable employees to query on payroll information at finger tips.

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