Office Automation

It's time to go paperless

yonyou Office Automation (OA) software is a platform oriented to large and medium companies and group enterprises. Comprehensively achieves the integration of Collaborative Work, Approval Flow Management, Form Management, Documentation Management, Employee Performance Management, Meeting Management, Mobile Office and etc.

Core Function

Portal Space

A customizable enterprise portal which can be set according to the characteristics and preference of enterprises, showing your corporate culture freely on demands. An unified presentation entrance of data, information, apps and related resources. By showing and processing different events and information, it connects end users for fully collaboration.

Function Features

Login Page Designer

No matter high profile or low profile designs needed, Login Page Designer able to impress you by providing fashion slideshows and modern login form on creating your own style login page.

Personal Portal

The first entrance of your daily work. Every staffs can handle works from here, including sending internet e-mails, submitting job applications, handling approval process, communicating across departments and querying authorized information.

Company Portal

An unified presentation page of company internal information. Company news, information, bulletins and announcement is open to all staffs for in time query and knowledge sharing. It is an important carrier of corporate culture and can strengthen the connection between staffs.

Business Data Portal

You can check all kinds of authorized data information that presented in graphics. Related personnel will be more timely informed of business changes. You can also extract data across platform and generate intelligent reports.

Collaborative Work

A replacement of internal e-mail and papery approval flows. Contract approval, expenses reimbursement, vocational applications, recruitment, work report and such daily approval flows can be launched and processed. According to the nature and quantity of events, it can automatically determine branch flows and achieve intelligent approval flows.To restore the whole processed flows in graphic makes it more transparent, controllable in progress and clear in power and responsibility, which brings a paperless environment to reality. 

Handwritten Endorsement 

Template Center

Documentation Management

A Windows-like operational mode for folders makes it easy to use.A will-designed permission system to make sure efficient document sharing and security.Except for traditional sharing, you can also push documents to designated staffs.Provide full-text retrieval for your convenience to search needed files in massive digital resources.

Mobile Office

Support mobile application and approval center. Support Android and IOS system. You can undergo any business process anytime, anywhere.

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