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yonyou NC 6.5

Group Enterprise Management Platform

Customer -oriented . Data-driven . Real-time Management . Employee Empowerment

The Internet has created a new business and operating model. As an industry-leading management software and enterprise cloud service provider, to actively promote the digitalisation transformation in the Internet era, yonyou NC6.5, integrating new technologies, including the Internet, cloud computing, big data, and mobile applications, with different industry and field experience covering finance, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, human capital and other 7 major areas for the 15 major industries and 68 sub-sectors, effectively promotes enterprise Internationalization and help enterprises move toward a new stage of “Digitalization”.

Core Value

High Flexibility

Meet the current needs of cross-regional and multi-project management of the group

Support Sharing Service

Improve work efficiency and strengthen work transparency and collaboration of each department

Connected & Integrated

Achieve information and knowledge sharing across the entire company through smooth and high speed network platform

Timely Control

Integrate management of project, tender, human resources, marketing, centralized finance and decision support to improve professional capability of enterprise

Enchanced User Experience

Strengthen financial resource management, financial budgeting, accounting and analytical ability as well as overall management of capital


Achieve real time information and immediately analyze through the integrated information system to provide sufficient support for leaders in decision-making

Key Modules


Yonyou NC Group Financial Management allow enterprises to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs with a centralized and integrated platform.

Featured Highlights

  • Single database on the same platform
  • Support multi-groups, multi-business units, multiple accounting books and multiple accounting policies
  • Real time enquiries on financial data
  • Generate multiple level consolidation report dynamically
  • Support user-defined enquiry and voucher template
  • Powerful drill down function
  • Support attachment upload


Yonyou’s NC Group Supply Chain Management solution is a centralized model that primarily comprises contract management, purchase management, outsourcing management, pre-sale analysis, export management, stock management, inventory accounting and GSP quality control.

The main functions of our solution are to increase the accuracy of forecasting, reduce inventory, improve the ability to deliver and supply goods, reduce work flow cycle time, increase production efficiency, reduce supply chain cost, reduce overall purchasing costs, shorten production cycle time and accelerate market response time.

Featured Highlights

  • Complete supplier evalution fuction including information analysis comprising historical data, prices and rates
  • Spans the entire contract cycle time and supports contract management with various alert methods
  • Supports purchase management and sales management in three business categories of common purchase, commission sales and direct consignment
  • Supports various common and special stock-in and stock-out businesses, barcodes, bathches, shelf life, stock location, counting adn transfers
  • Supports comprehensive quality control comprising quality inspection in multiple categories and multiple methods of processing inferior products.


yonyou HCM system is designated for organization of all sizes. We aim to delight our clients by delivering multiple regional payroll solution and unified group control solution.

Key Highlights

  • View and know your talents
  • Calculate and analyze your labor cost
  • Track attendance and leave records
  • Hire the right people in the right place
  • Make your succession planning and development
  • Narrow gap between the person and the job
  • 360 Degree reviews and assessment
  • Reorganize and expand your business quickly
  • Analyze talent strategies through Business Intelligence


NC is a global ERP application based on J2EE and middleware technology. It supports a variety of operating systems, multi-database systems and application distributions with features of high performance, reliability and scalability. It has been deployed under Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework. It also supports enterprise cloud computing and enterprise search engine technology.

Featured Highlights

  • Integrated Information Platform
  • Application Operating Platform
  • Data Standard and Database
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • E-business Platform


Yonyou MERP (Mobile ERP) has extended ERP applications from the PC to mobile devices, enabling enterprises to monitor remotely, to push important information and approve important business transactions in a real-time manner.

Yonyou Mobile Solution is mainly comprised of five parts. These are NC-MERP, U8-MERP, Mobile CRM, Mobile Express and Mobile Newsletter.

Featured Highlights

  • Seamless, mobile and high-speed information
  • No software installation is required on mobile devices
  • Compatible with majority of mobile device brands
  • High system stability and security
  • Simple and convenient applications with fast deployment
  • Full support for mobile applications of Yonyou NC/U8

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